Who We Are

Our Story

Dear Content is a content marketing agency that…

Right. We all know the story.

But instead of boring you with the same stuff that’s splattered all over the about us pages of every content marketing agency there is, we’ll cut right to the chase.

Our names are Julia and Lin.

We met while working at a start-up years ago.

We bonded over our love for coffee and content.

Lin was more content. Julia was more marketing.

Every morning, we debated over copies, blog posts, and ebooks.

We also had one too many debates over the owner of the lingering perfume scent in the elevator of our office building every morning.

(Only years later did we find out it was the air freshener.)

Dear Content is the product of this strange bond and the start of a stellar adventure.

Together, we give zest to content marketing.

Was it written in the stars? Who knows.

But we do share the same passion for content marketing and have the same work ethic.

So we hope never to end up like Mark and Sean.

Our Core Content Values

An agency is just a representation of the people that work in it.

And at Dear Content, we are what we believe in.

Know The Audience Like The Back Of Your Hand

The first step of any effective content strategy is really understanding the people you’re writing for.

It’s more than just putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard. Before starting to even draft anything, you have to put yourself to work.

Uncover your audience’s fears, find out what excites them and their biggest pain points. This way, you really understand their needs and how to produce content that adds value to them.

Producing content that’s useful and informative for your audience is why we sleep accomplished and rise motivated every day.

Strategies Based On Data. Not Assumptions.

The kind of content marketing that achieves results is the kind that’s based on producing great content with clear and specific objectives.

More specifically, data-backed objectives.

DC doesn’t just stand for Dear Content. It also stands for the two most important elements that drive a strategy’s success: Data and Cognizance.

Content With A Purpose

We’ll never produce content just to reach a quota.

We share in your objectives. We believe that each piece of content we produce should take you closer to achieving them.

Doing it any other way is to lack respect for ourselves, for you, and for your audience.

One Idea, Multiple Content

Just as one planted seed bears fruits, leaves, and branches that reach new grounds and beyond, so can your content.

Why limit yourself?

We leverage every single idea to produce much more. From blog posts and infographics to ebooks and PRs, long live content!

Localised Content

Our writing is always catered to the local flavour and adapted so that natives comprehend exactly what our message is — down to the tiniest nuances, hidden meanings, and subtle puns.

Written by and for natives, no message will ever be lost in translation.

The Power Of An External Content Marketing Team

We’re your made-to-order content marketing team.

From buyer persona and SEO research to writing, distribution, and analysis, content marketing requires time, effort, and a great deal of resources.

Let us take care of everything you need to publish extraordinary content that takes you closer to your business goals.

More Than Just A Business Transaction

At Dear Content, you mean so much more to us than just our clients. You offer us opportunities to learn and grow.

And we’d like the feeling to be reciprocated.

We enjoy building personal and lasting relationships because we believe this helps us to better understand you.


Your account manager, content strategist, and content creator. You deal only with one person — the same one who produces your company’s content.

We find this to be the most sincere and direct way of communication and it the most effective way of producing the best work for you.

Clear And Honest Marketing

Content develops ideas. Ideas move the world. As our name suggests, we hold content dear in our hearts.

We work with companies that understand and treasure the value of content and want to captivate their audience with it.

We all want to sell, sure. But gibberish doesn’t sell. Neither do facades.

Clear and honest content does.