Digital Media Relations

PR is increasingly content and good writing. – Elinor Mills

What is digital media relations?

Digital media relations is vital for any company looking to build or increase their online brand awareness and should be an integral part of not just your public relations strategy but also your content strategy. From corporate press releases and product/service launches to exclusive editorials and opinion pieces to simply lend a voice to a trending topic in the industry, there are countless ways of reaching out to online media.

The rise of social media and the shift of digital marketing towards producing increasingly relevant content has brought the fields of public relations and content marketing closer now than ever before. Most companies prefer to tackle their content and public relations strategies separately. But the benefits of integrating the two are wide-ranging and there’s much potential to harvest. At Dear Content, we believe in aligning both strategies side by side to create synergies and maximise results.

From corporate press releases and product/services announcements to exclusive editorials and opinion pieces regarding the industry’s hottest topics, there are simply countless ways to reach the online media.

Besides the conventional press releases, other content writing platforms such as Medium and LinkedIn Pulse have also proven extremely successful in reaching new audiences. It’s not uncommon for journalists to trawl such platforms in search of an opinion or a quote to include in their news pieces (especially when written by an industry thought leader).  And once you’ve established yourself as a voice, the journalists will know who to reach out to for their next piece. 

Regardless of how big or small your company is and what industry you’re in, there’s always a story to tell. The key is in finding the right angle and the right words. At the end of the day, a good piece of content written for the media will get your brand out there, talked about, circulated, and above all, noticed.

Why is digital media relations important?

Millions of people around the world get their news online every day. By getting your brand noticed in the online media, you gain immediate exposure and with that, increased sales potential. You build credibility and set your company as a competent authority with the expertise and know-how to tackle the industry’s pain points. All this helps you rank organically and you’ll find traffic pouring in thanks to the media exposure.

SEO experts consider digital media coverage to be one of the most (if not the most) important factors in organic positioning. From an increase in mentions to links from authoritative and relevant sources, the footprints of a good digital media strategy are seen by Google as an indicator of relevance, which is then reflected in organic rankings.

Producing content for the media isn’t simply about writing a press release and sending it off to journalists. Good content writers for the digital media need to have a deep understanding of how journalists work, what they seek, and the best way to deliver to them.

What we offer

Whether you already have a digital media relations plan in place and are looking for someone to string the words together or just starting out and looking for ideas to reach out to the media, Dear Content is here to help. We can cover anything from corporate news and product/service launch to your company’s opinion on trending news and exclusive editorials.

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