Content Strategy

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is the investigation, definition, planning, and management of a content plan that’s in line with your company objectives. It involves a good understanding of your buyer personas in order to build a strategy that churns out resourceful, relevant, and informative content for your audience to target them with brand messaging at different stages of the purchase funnel.

The very first step of constructing an effective content strategy begins with a clear definition of your business objectives. An investigation will then be required to properly understand the market in which your business is in and identify clear keywords, channels, and opportunities. This means research into the sector, its pain points, your competitors, buyer personas, and their needs.

The next step entails creating a series of content topics aimed at targeting these opportunities to help your company’s organic growth. The importance of keywords analysis will come into play here as your content should essentially bridge the gap between customers and information.

That’s not all. Building a goal-driven content strategy isn’t a one-off task. It requires constant management and care. As your company grows, its goals and objectives may change. Market conditions and customer needs may also evolve along the way. It’s thus important to review your content strategy regularly to make sure it’s still relevant and in line with your content goals.

Why is having a content strategy important?

Diving straight into content writing without a good blueprint is like diving into the deep sea with no knowledge of swimming and no float. With no skill and no clear aim to get to shore, you end up treading water with all your strength just to try and keep your head above waters.

Without a well-defined content strategy, the content you end up producing will end up being either generic or confusing. Generic content has no value. If you wish to beat out your competitors online, quality content is key. Furthermore, generic content does not serve to engage and is unlikely to rank organically.

What we offer

At Dear Content, every content marketing strategy is carefully customised and created from zero. We do not believe in adapting your needs to a generic plan – that’s not a strategy, that’s a template.

Here’s what we’ll do to help your organic growth:

  • Market analysis
  • Customer research and buyer persona profiling
  • Content and SEO benchmarking
  • Identification of proper channels for most impact
  • In-depth keywords research
  • Identification of SEO opportunities
  • Definition of content plan and creation of an editorial calendar

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